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April 21, 2019

No Other Way

April 14, 2019
Sermons with slides:

LIFT: Real Men Are Loyal

March 3, 2019

God in the Flesh

February 24, 2019

Unity in the Body

February 10, 2019

God’s Word is Sufficient

February 3, 2019

God’s Word is Clear

January 27, 2019

God’s Word

January 20, 2019

The Gideons

January 20, 2019

What We Belive

January 13, 2019

Juice Crew

January 6, 2019

New Opportunities

December 30, 2018


December 23, 2018

Joseph of Arimathea

December 16, 2018

Christmas Light

December 9, 2018

Like a Child

December 2, 2018
Well I think you for the announcements think that's the 1st time the announcements will be longer than the sermon. Maybe not the 1st time different the last time. Well…

Christmas Traditions

November 25, 2018
Dressed appropriately except for our worship leader Adam Scully that was up here in Ohio state church but that's you know that's a that's a different subject but you know…

Be Thankful

November 18, 2018
Member and I just look forward to November I look forward to November every year and it goes by so fast right I wish I could just push pause and…

Keep Running

November 11, 2018
Enjoyed studying it myself and looking at all the different passages and trying to kind of put these messages together so far we've looked at a variety of ways that…